"My son is turning 18 this year and I worry about his future. As he enters adulthood, my ultimate goal for him is to find meaningful and fulfilling work that enables him to contribute to our community. He has so much potential!"

– ASD parent

About Us

Individuals on the autism spectrum face challenges at every stage of life. Once they reach adulthood, they must navigate the transition from the school environment to the workforce, with many of them struggling to find meaningful work. We want to help. My name is Linda Cheung and I am the founder and principal shareholder of Desserts Studio Inc. (“DSI”). A love of food has been ingrained in my family, as my parents operated a family restaurant business for over 30 years. I have fond memories of three generations of my family gathered around a kitchen table making pastries for ALL of the holidays, both Chinese and Canadian. Baking was my hobby when I worked as an accountant (CGA), and my therapy when I was a full-time mom caring for two boys on the autism spectrum. Armed with a purpose, an earth sciences degree, an accounting background and a baking diploma (with honours!), I am motivated to move DSI toward accomplishing our vision. We are grateful to be connected to skilled people who support our mission.

Our Vision

To empower youth and adults on the autism spectrum (ASD) and/or with learning disabilities by creating opportunities for meaningful employment.

Our Mission

Desserts Studio Inc. (DSI) is an online retail dessert shop crafting cakes, pies, tarts and gourmet cookies with no peanuts or tree nuts added. Seasonally, we grow unique fruits and berries using organic method that make our desserts delicious and unique. Through business growth, we will benefit youth and adults with ASD and/or learning disabilities by creating opportunities for meaningful work*.

*If needed, government funded groups such as Ready, Willing and Able (“RWA”) and Corbrook provide support in the workplace for youth and adults with ASD and other disabilities until they gain independence in their jobs, at no cost to the employer.

On Our Team!

Matthew W. is currently a student at Centennial College studying Art and Design Fundamentals. He is creative, inventive, funny and kind. He’s also the cookie guy! His goal is to one day be a highly sought after graphic designer.

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Allergy Notice: All of our desserts are made in a dedicated kitchen with the utmost care at the Food Starter facility, with no peanuts or tree nuts added. Our desserts are made with wheat flour, eggs and dairy. Our desserts may contain traces of nuts as Foodstarter is not a 100% nut-free facility.